Collaborative Endeavors

NJASL Presentation


In conjunction with Dr. Laura Zieger, Chairperson at NJCU, presentation on Virtual Reality platforms on December 2nd at New Jersey Association of School Libraries. Collaboration with Terri Evans

NJEA 2018


Collaboration with members of Cohorts 4-6 at the New Jersey Education Association Convention November 8-9th in Atlantic City Convention Center. Poster presentation on robotics and SEL.

NJ Coalition for Inclusive Education: Chinese Delegates


In conjunction with Dr. Christopher Shamburg and Barbara McCarty to present emerging technology and higher education trends to a visiting group of Chinese delegates. 

STEM Success Academy


In conjunction with the Proyecto STEM grant at NJCU overseen by Dr. Grew and co-facilitated by Dr. Laura Zieger, worked closely with Dr. Veronica O'Neill and Karen Cotter to develop gamified orientation activities for a gamified orientation and for a 10-week program for SSA students. 

PAPNA Conference


In conjunction with Dr. Laura Zieger, program Chair at NJCU Educational Technology and Leadership, and Douglass Koch on educational tech tools for nurses and medical professionals. 

NJCU Provost PD


In conjunction with Adnan Ezad, presented an educational technology tool for higher education staff development at NJCU.

OLC Innovate


With John Findura, submitting proposal for presentation on NGDLE in higher education at the global OLC Innovate Conference 2019. 

Girls in Tech Symposium


With NJCU doctoral graduate Dr. Fahima Bacha organizing the event, doctoral students Steven Wong, Martha Rand, Carol Munn, Susan Van Alstyne and Edith Adewumi, collaborated to help make this GIT event a success.