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New Jersey City University, 2039 John F Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, New Jersey 07305, United States

Impact Statements

"Without her, I wouldn't be attending private school."

"Mrs. Bahna has always been willing to help me, both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether it was a topic on homework I didn't quite grasp from my regular teacher, or asking for genuine academic advice, Mrs. Bahna was readily available to help me--even on short notice. She taught me lessons to reinforce concepts using different approaches to the content that made it easy to learn. She gave me a superfluous amount of tips and tricks for test prep for private school. Without her, I wouldn't be attending private school, and would have never gotten a full academic scholarship to Wardlaw Hartridge."

~Gurinder S.

"Truly the best instructor who challenged me."

"Samantha was one of the best academic tutors I have ever worked with. Her course materials and supplements are incredibly useful and relevant to me, and my current English instructor is impressed with the knowledge I have of Shakespearean literature and effective study and time management skills. I even managed to do well on my PARCC test, securing a perfect 850 in English, which was critical for me in order to be considered for private school. 

I use the notes I took in her sessions in my class routinely to this day. She is truly the best instructor and challenged me. I am now pursuing my dreams at prestigious St. Andrew's School in Delaware on a full scholarship."

~Sonal B.

"Meaningful Professional Development I can use right away."

"I came in contact with Samantha after seeing her do a demo with Emotional Support Robotics at the NJEA Convention in 2018. I was really intrigued by the use of robotics for social-emotional learning. She came in and led a professional development seminar on ACEs, SEL, and robotics in my technology department's PLC, which yielded incredibly positive feedback from the teachers and administrators. We were looking to include trauma-informed teaching practices and emerging technology in our district's annual goal, and we learned how to use robotics to engage our students to help teach empathy--something not easily accomplished. 

I put into place a robotic class pet, and my middle grades students absolutely love it. It functions as a way for them to develop their coding literacy skills to program it to become more intuitive and interactive, but it also incorporates social-emotional aspects of learning and "caring" for our pet. Not to mention, this is a great classroom management tool! Thank you!"

~Amelia H. 

North Plainfield Public Schools

"Helped us select the best VR equipment for our lab!"

"I saw Samantha at the New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL) Convention in December, 2018. She was presenting on Virtual Reality applications in the classroom. I am a technology coach at my school, and our school media specialist. We were trying to create a VR lab, where students can create virtual worlds to showcase their computer literacy skills, as well as integrate  a variety of cross-curricular content with technology. Samantha consulted with me and our middle grades technology media specialist about different types of virtual reality applications and software. She thoroughly discussed the benefits, limitations, and costs associated with the most popular, and the best on the market options for our lab. I am confident knowing she helped us select the best VR equipment for our lab! I am excited to see the students get started."

~Anna P.

Moorestown School District

"Saved my grade and did not have to drop the class."

"I am a student at RVCC and I was struggling in my foreign language Spanish course. My instructor was so difficult to get a hold of in office hours, and I was not able to get the help I needed on the campus student center for tutoring help. Using Google translate or other services was not an option for the projects and assignments I was assigned: I needed to learn the Spanish. I took it for all 4 years in my high school and passed, but apparently did not know as much Spanish as I thought. I took virtual enrichment classes with Samantha, who helped me connect to a colleague of hers named Matthew, a FT Spanish teacher in NJ. He literally saved my grade and I did not have to drop the class. I would run my projects and assignments by him, and I made sure I was on top of my work. If it wasn't for him, I would have failed and would have needed to retake the course again the following semester. Thanks, guys!"

~Erick V.

"No better editor around."

"I am writing the second chapter of my dissertation at a private university in New Jersey. My colleagues in the cohort at spending thousands on editors, and some of their work is still being critiqued during board reviews with the Chair. I have asked Samantha to review and edit the first chapter of my dissertation, which was not only helped me be cost effective in consideration to my colleagues' choices to hire big-name firms, but I did not receive the order to revisit my first chapter due to errors in grammar, my tables and figures, or the margins. I appreciate her professionalism, discretion, and willingness to provide constructive feedback and stellar attention to detail in my work."

~William F.