We Are The Champions! 




Both engaging and interactive, NJCU professors gave us a chance to build camaraderie and the foundation for a fostering Cohort. Using spaghetti and marshmallows to build the highest structures, "speed-dating" Getting to Know You activities helped us break the ice and take the dive into Summer Institute I--together!


Dr. Carnahan and Dr. Zieger gave Cohort 6 an opportunity to test drive various types of drones both indoors and out. From the Parrot to the Phantom, everyone got a chance to pilot the drone. Our Cohort 6 photo that serves as the banner to our website was taken during a flight!


Dr. Carnahan introduced us to varied leadership styles in EDTC 802: Principles of Educational Leadership. Cohort members collaborated on a chapter in Northouse's (2013) Leadership: Theory and Practice (6th ed.) to present a succinct 5-minute synopsis of each leadership theory. 

Dr. Zieger also facilitated Cohort 6 to garner the mindset to set the rules, not follow them as leaders do.

Growth Mindset

In order for Cohort 6 to develop our growth mindset, the Summer Institute provided ample opportunities for us to experience the research of alumni's of the program. This exposure provided us opportunities to expand our horizons for potential areas of investigative study during our own dissertation process in the program. Dr. Zieger also set the expectations for our PGP in EDTC 801: Summer Institute I. 


Data. Leadership. Team-Building. Research. These were crucial building blocks during Summer Institute I. Cohorts 5 and 6 were instrumental in answering our questions about the course content, as were the professors. The diverse content provides the solid basis for future courses in the program.

Escape Room

Not only incredibly fun and another avenue for team-building, this incredibly immersive experience propelled us into problem-discovery learning! This is crucial to our success as doctoral students as we gear up for research and data collection to posit a theory or prove a point. In EDTC 803: Data Analysis and Report Writing, we even got a chance to design our own Escape Room!