Theory and Practice

EDTC 805 Cross-discipline Studies in Technology

This course explores and investigates emerging technologies in an advancement mannerism which incorporate the education learning environment. The key is for learners to search out, understand and expand the evolving technology education system. I additional, innovation and investigation are keys which open up and create leadership practices and skills revolving around the disciplines in educational organizations. In turn, should be crossed in all areas that involve education and the use of emerging technologies.

Professor: Dr. Laura Zieger

EDTC 807 Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum

This course will provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of implementation and evaluation of educational technology programs. The philosophies, methods, and processes of curriculum design in educational technology will provide the framework for curricular models; resources for decision-making; and evaluation methods for educational and corporate settings.

Professor: Dr. Tracy Amerman

EDTC 808 Summer Institute II

July 15-July 19, 2019

This course is the second in series of three innovative and engaging summer session on the campus of NJCU.  Along with the first session, this second one continues the development of leadership and professionalism in presenting various original work to a much wider audience. Included is a working professional portfolio.

Professor: Dr. Christopher Carnahan

EDTC 814 Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning

E-Learning and the integration of emerging technology are the focal points in this advanced level course. This course deeps deeper into the concepts, strategies and leadership skills involved technology applications. Through different methods of delivery of instruction design to learning outcome strategies, this course will incorporate advanced concepts of using multimedia and/or multiple modalities. Exploration of the curriculum structures and applications within the field of educational technology.

Professor: Dr. Laura Zieger

EDTC 816 Advanced Building On-line Communities

The course is a guide to the different roles as online community researchers, designers, managers, and users. It will introduce important concepts, terms, and theories about online communities. A better understanding of how social science research can help design interaction spaces that encourage community building.

Professor: Dr. Laura Zieger

EDTC 817 Advanced Developing and Managing DL Programs

Delivering high-quality distance learning programs requires innovation in program development and delivery. In this course, students will analyze the relevant issues impacting distance education and incorporate an understanding of the historical and current evolution of distance learning into a vision for the future. Students will explore industry best practices in planning, launching, maintaining, and coordinating distance education programs.

EDTC 805 Cross-discipline Studies in Technology

1. Assessment 1: Emerging Technologies Group Project 

This collaborative project (linked above) with Brooke Rothwell and Abdurrahman Pllana on Personalized and Adaptive Learning was a presentation on the current state of the tools in relation to education. 

2. Assessment 2: DIY PGP Whitepaper

This professional development project introduced the use of Emotional Service Robotics interventions as a model for mediation of behaviorally or emotionally challenged juvenile offenders. Concept presented with interactive poster session in conjunction with NJCU at the 2018 NJEA Convention. 

3. Assessment 3: Technology Theme Park

This final project (linked above) in the course was to create a themed website complete with activities that utilized interactive technologies. For my project, I chose to focus on my 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo. 

EDTC 807: Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum

  1. Assignment 1: Short Paper: Historical Background

This paper explored the role of curriculum in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, based on the work of Kliebard (2004). 

2. Assignment 2: Conservative vs. Progressive Views of Education

This paper was a comprehensive review of conservative and progressive issues in education. The two theorists were conservative, E.D. Hirsch and progressivist, Alfie Kohn. 

3. Assignment 3: Informal Learning Assignment

This project was a review of an informal education trend that takes place in online learning platforms. My focus was on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), driven by a theoretical framework by Pappano (2012). 

4. Assignment 4: Curriculum Implementation Plan

This paper focused on the implementation of a fictional STEM K5 Initiative curriculum in three, high-priority elementary schools using principles of Understanding by Design (UBD) by Wiggins and McTighe (2005). 

EDTC 808 Summer Institute II

1. Jobs Project

This paper focused on the employment positions available in K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate domains. A summary of the position requirements and thorough evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses I possess was conducted to determine how I would plan on addressing areas of need to gain employment in those fields. 

2. Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

This evolving assignment charted my professional growth plan for the 2019-2020 academic year. It highlighted my leadership style, my goal statement, and areas of strength and weaknesses. I included a plan on how to address weaknesses and included past accomplishments and objectives to accomplish in the calendar year. 

3. Professional Portfolio

This assignment involved updating and maintaining a professional portfolio of work for the doctoral program as well as areas of service, presenting, collaborating and volunteering. 

EDTC 814 Advanced Effective Models of E-Learning

1. Everest Hike, Harvard Simulation

This assignment involved being placed into a team to collaborate using prescribed roles and information in a virtual simulator to "ascend" Mt. Everest. 

2. Higher Education Case Studies

Using design principles from Brown & Green (2016), this paper examined two cases from the National Case Study Teaching in Science and explicated potential solutions using refined design principles for effective instructional practices. 

3. Leadership Vision and E-Learning Plan

This creative assignment afforded the opportunity to share a vision of e-learning for a workplace, develop a tech plan to support it, and include a funding proposal. Based on Horton (2012) and Brown & Green (2015). 

EDTC 816 Advanced Building Online Communities

1. Online Community Scan

This annotated webliography was the result of a market scan conducted into identifying Online Supplemental Instruction communities, particularly those active in higher education institutions in the USA.